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Many potential weed buyers are curious what it would be like to purchase marijuana from a completely legal recreational weed store. Now that marijuana is becoming legal across the country, marijuana buyers also have questions about the laws of their state, the varieties of cannabis available, alternative sources of THC including Vaping, Edibles and more. Weed Store Reviews is the best place to visit from your phone, tablet or desktop computer for preliminary information about all of the above. Get the most out of every trip to the weed store by identifying exactly the kind of marijuana you desire while a finding local dispensary or recreational weed store near you best suited to your purchasing style. The video to the right of this text shows you just how easy it is to shop in a beautiful weed store. Legal Weed Stores are clean, bright, cheerful and convenient. See for yourself!

“Marijuana Enthusiasts Unite”

“Marijuana enthusiasts are among the most vibrant, caring, social and entertaining subcultures of people on the planet. As weed goes increasingly mainstream, we hope to shepard it forward with the same key values and core philosophy as what was once a subsculture is able to grow into an important part of a greatly enhanced society that holds community and personal freedom above any notions of group think or bigotry. Our mission is simply to foster the idea that consenting adults should be able to enjoy themselves in any way they like, provided that they do not infringe on the safety of free will of other people seeking to do the same with their own free will.” – Stewart Tongue, WeedStore.reviews

Finally, a community that is doing some real good in the face of all the political correctness that has plagued our entire nation for far too long. Watching marijuana become legal was something I didn’t expect in my lifetime, but I’m proud of the effort being made and for the first time in a long time I can honestly say I am now optimistic. Keep it up!
Roger K., Arizona
Let’s be blunt. Hell, lets all just smoke a blunt now that it’s all legal and whatnot. The way I see it we are lucky to be living in an era like this one instead of the dark ages when people were so busy trying to put honest people in jail for smoking an all natural herb so they could keep the profits up on totally synthetic pharma garbage. This site rocks and the people postings on it definitely known what time it is…
BooYow!, Colorado
I just found the most smokealicious bud ever thanks to you guys. Picking out the perfect weed is even better than shopping for jewelry. I’ll be thinking of you all tonight while toking it. Awesomesauce!
Legwarmers, Seattle
Classy people know how to behave themselves and also understand the importance of minding your own business. They should raise all the penalties for committing crimes (high or sober) and legalize everything. It’s the bad behavior that matters, not the excuses. When you ruin someone’s life, it shouldn’t matter a lick whether you were high at the time or clean as a whistle.
FirstClass, Tacoma, WA

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