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To foster an environment of open-mindedness where a community of forward thinking marijuana enthusiasts can congregate to share philosophical viewpoints and factual information about the purchase, enjoyment and medicinal benefits of cannabis.
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Kindness. In a single word we can express the entirety of our strategy for reaching our goal. Cordial discussion, honest weed store reviews, sharing useful information and maintaining the same kind of open, warm and inviting sense of community online that the marijuana community has been known for since the inception of human society.
As marijuana moves toward the eventuality of becoming legal for recreational and medical use in all fifty states and beyond, we are reminded of the patience and perseverance that have been essential along the way. It is obvious to many of us that the goal has not been accomplished completely yet, and our continued vigilance is necessary if we are to gain ground and reach the summit of the mountain without falling backward along the path.

For those who would suggest that ‘stoners are lazy’ or that ‘potheads lack perseverance’ we would simply like to point out that marijuana enthusiasts are actually among the most focused and intellectually resilient groups of people on Earth. If you don’t believe that, sit sober and try to play a video game for a dozen hours in a row without blinking your eyes at all. Try to win more Olympic medals than any other athlete in history. Compete in the creative arts to become a world famous song writer, author, film maker or fine artist. Yes, We Can ;) – About Us

We are a community of forward thinking marijuana enthusiasts who have decided to take an open, public and inviting approach to the campaign for greater acceptance of the many medical and recreational benefits of the cannabis plant in modern society.

Our members come from all walks of life, genders, ages, states, nationalities, occupations, sexual orientations, philosophical origins and religious backgrounds. The one commonality among all of us is our commitment to accepting the right of all consenting adults to live their lives in a way that they find to be joyful and enriching (regardless of whether you find that lifestyle to be appealing) so long as their choices are not infringing on the right of any other person to enjoy the same sort of free will in their own lives.

It is important to point out that our views on marijuana are also very diverse. Some believe it is a medical necessity, some see it as a recreational enhancement, others believe it has valuable religious or educational mind expanding qualities. There are also members of this community who choose not to utilize marijuana in their own lives in any way at all.

What binds us to each other is not a big cloud of smoke or a shared contact high — it is actually the freedom to engage in activities or to avoid activities that each of us have the right to decide for ourselves. You will find this to be one of the most jovial and engaging communities online because it is based on an intellectual set of principles that are adhered to by everyone from a widely diverse spectrum of participants. We look forward to hearing your point of view and sharing our own with you.

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