Weed AppleApple’s visionary founder Steve Jobs was well-known for his appreciation of mind freeing substances and now his company is finally making the right move with regard to Weed Apps in the iTunes app store. This is actually a very important decision because it isn’t just quiet acceptance of new app uploads that may later be removed, Apple already rejected weed apps and is now reversing that decision, so this move is a conscious decision to affirmatively accept weed apps in its listings with a much greater degree of long term viability for weed app developers.

“Getting into the app store is one thing, being able to stay in the app store is something else entirely. Apple really did the right thing by provide peace of mind for companies like mine that have invested heavily in creating content cannabis enthusiasts will use and enjoy” said Mr. Green of iGrowBud, a calendar and weed store finder app focused on the Vancouver BC market and helping growers anywhere achieve greater yield from every plant in their inventory.

When Apple first decided to block all marijuana related applications from appearing in their app store a grass roots movement began, with many developers and their potential customers reaching out to Apple in a polite, coherent and effective campaign to change the culture. Now the apps are all up and will remain their for the foreseeable future in the Apple ecosystem, right alongside similar apps that are already being permitted on the Android platform by Google.

The App Store is also permitting “cannabis social apps” like HighThere and WeedBeGreatTogether, so long as they are geotarget-restricted to the 23 states that currently allow medical marijuana or recreational weed. Good news for anyone who likes to live life with their phone in one hand and their vaporizer in the other.


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