and other online hospitality reservation portals are predicting a massive spike in rooms being rented in the Denver area around April 20th 2015 as weed enthusiasts book rooms to be at the epicenter of legalized marijuana for a series of celebrations through the city and the surrounding Colorado area.

As proof of the premise, search totals for hotel rooms also rapidly increased last April around the 20th during the inaugural year of legal recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado – proving once and for all that the economic effects of cannabis tourism are very real and exceptionally lucrative for the states that allow adult residents to decide for themselves if they prefer to purchase marijuana legally.

According to one report, a representative of said searches for Denver bookings during April 17-20 are up more than 60% over the same period in 2014 and searches last April had skyrocketed 73% higher than the same period in 2013 before recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado. That means hotel searches have more than doubled in two short years, and booking to capacity is likely for nearly every hotel in the area – which brings a massive influx of money to the state as tourists arrive and spend at restaurants, events, stores and more throughout the local area. allegedly told reporters that similar increases are being seen in Washington state where recreational marijuana sales are also now legal – and while legal recreational marijuana will not be available in Oregon until July 1st of 2015, hotel searches are already up more than 25% for rooms during the first 90 days of legalization as compared to the prior year. Put simply, the stats show that if a state grows marijuana and legalizes it, people and economic benefits will come.

To accelerate growth, many marijuana enthusiasts celebrate 420 by hosting “4/20 rallies” that attract thousands of participants, and while Colorado statutes still prohibit public consumption of cannabis, it appears enforcement is lax at best during this civil weed community events.

Deborah Park, a spokeswoman for Visit Denver, the city’s convention and visitors bureau, publicly stated that the Denver’s lodging tax collections (from hospitality business) in 2014 reached an all-time record of $19.6 million for the year, up astounding 21% from 2013. While other factors do play a role in tourism growth, there is no doubt that the growth of legal marijuana is earning Denver serious revenue from tourism increases because many people would rathe spend their time and money where weed is legal!

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