Feel The Bern MarijuanaDuring the Democrat’s Presidential Debate last night the subject of Marijuana legalization came to the forefront and three¬†important things happened:

1- Bernie Sanders Endorsed Legalization

In a bold move, Bernie Sanders said he would sign legislation to legalize marijuana on a national scale as part of his Presidency. That makes him the first candidate in US history to endorse legalization of cannabis across the entire country. Feel the Bern!

2 – The Issue Is Now Mainstream

In a debate that went on for only a couple hours, moderators decided that marijuana legalization was a domestic policy issue with enough importance to warrant inclusion in their questions. That by itself is a huge step forward for this grass roots movement.

3 – Every Candidate Responded To It As A Serious Issue

From Hillary Clinton, to Bernie Sanders and down the line, not a single candidate rebuffed the moderator or suggested the topic was unimportant.

4 – Nobody Spoke Out Against The Marijuana Movement

Given the opportunity to speak out against legalizing marijuana, not a single Democrat on the stage took the bait. We didn’t hear all if the misguided cliches about addiction, health risks¬†or any of that other nonsense.

Last night may have been a boring few hours of American Politics, but those few minutes about legalizing marijuana have made it a one of the highest points of the campaign cycle so far.

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