BoodigoMany weed enthusiasts will remember the recent news about Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and others capitulating with NSA wire tapping programs and other governmental spying on the private searches of ordinary citizens. In response to that overreaching attack on privacy by people in power, a new entirely encrypted and perfectly private search engine named Boodigo was recently unleashed.

“We are very interested in the privacy and personal sense of security that participants in online culture should be able to enjoy every time they log on” explained Colin Rowntree of “We see the detailed work is doing and the way they are going about establishing a bright dividing line between the legal marijuana culture and the illicit activities of others. Governments fail to acknowledge that the existence of a few bad apples does not automatically make everyone else equally tainted. So, our work in helping to draw attention to Weed Store Reviews is a logical extension of our brand and their effort in helping others to find things legally and securely online fits well with our entire philosophy.”

“When we spoke with representatives of Boodigo it immediately became clear to us that they have a strong libertarian interest in protecting the right to privacy and making sure that includes the digital lives of everyone who enjoys recreational time online” said Stewart Tongue. “Weed Store Reviews at its core is about the free and trustworthy exchange of information with regard to legal marijuana. It is sad that we live in an era where people feel a need to encrypt searches related to an entirely legal endeavor, but the climate of constant supervision that some officials seek to impose on everyone in a post Patriot Act world is clearly having a chilling effect.”

Boodigo uses end to end encryption so your search data will never be turned over to anyone, because they don’t even have your search data in any stored format that they could hand over if they wanted to… and they don’t want to have it. Until recently the engine has focused almost entirely on adult websites where spouses, bosses and the government may want to see what you have been searching for… but they have zero need to know. Now Boodigo, in collaboration with Weed Store Reviews is expanding their search focus to include legal marijuana as well.

Mr. Tongue concluded that “Our hope is by working with Boodigo we can help to restore some of that shared trust and convince more people to step into the light where the open, honest and forthright expression of their legal right to enjoy recreational weed or benefit from the healing properties of medical marijuana can be part of the chorus convincing others that the time to legalize nationally is right now.”

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