Recreational weed is on the ballot in California, which was the first state to enact medical marijuana way back in the 90’s. Because of this, many of the state’s important cities have already adjusted their policies for medical marijuana, and also to remain in cooperation with a new law that was passed in the fall of 2015. The new law requires dispensaries to not only have a city license, but to also get licensed by the state of California. There are more than 17 different types of state licenses which include dispensaries of course but also cultivation of plants, manufacturing of marijuana products and transportation of said products. It also allows marijuana businesses to operate as for profit entities.

Right now, the city of San Francisco only offers one type of marijuana license, so now that the state has added 17 different types, they will have to figure out if they also want to allow all those different types of businesses within their borders. Right now, they only allow dispensaries. If they decide to allow cultivation, they will have to set the regulations of where it can be grown and how much can be grown at one time. The city will also have to decide if it will tax marijuana, which is now an option that companies can be for profit. It could bring in much needed income to the city which has one of the lowest per student spending in the US, so it could improve the education system a lot, which is what has happened in Colorado.

Luckily, San Francisco’s neighbor, Oakland, has already updated their marijuana laws to mirror the state laws last May. They are ready for any new regulations and have also decided to allow 8 new dispensaries per year.

California’s more lenient laws just show the state may be ready for recreational marijuana!

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