Cannabis has been used medicinally for at the very least 12,000 years. New evidence suggests that the first “pot dealers” were Eurasian nomads who came from what is now Russia and Ukraine. They came to what is now Europe 5,000 years ago, bringing with them marijuana and perhaps being the first culture to trade this magical herb that is still revered to this day for it’s medicinal and calming powers. Prior to the study that uncovered this information, people mostly thought that the first culture to use cannabis was in China, but through doing a more systematic review of cannabis fibers found at archaeological sites, they discovered it was actually this Eurasian region. The nomads from this area brought it to Asia.

Marijuana was the ideal crop to trade during the times before historic record. This is because it had so many uses at the time. Now we just use it to make ourselves feel good but at the time people used the whole plant to create fibers for rope and clothing. The trade road started by this tribe, known as the Yamana, later grew into The Silk Road, the large trade network that developed later on in history and facilitated the exchange of not only goods but also ideas between cultures.

Interestingly, Cannabis is one of history’s oldest purposely cultivated crops, as it was first purposely grown about 12,000 years ago. However, it wasn’t used for medicinal purposes until about 5,000 years ago. The history of pot was one of communing with the natural world until we let laws and politicians get in the way. Pot is something that grows naturally out of the earth and has been used for millennia by generations of people for many useful purposes. We are starting to get back to that now that we realize that this old weed can also benefit us though we live in modern times!

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