Cannabis Magazine SpanishRecently we have stated seeing several email messages from Weed Store Reviews community members asking when our site will be available in other languages. The most frequently requested language so far is Spanish. We are presently talking to Transfluent, a world leader in language translation services about providing our entire site in as many as 150+ languages soon. However, as we are sure you can understand, translating hundreds of informative weed store reviews, cannabis strain reviews, weed app reviews, weed recipes, our entire weed video tube and all of the other sections of the WeedStore.Reviews website into so many languages will be a time consuming process.

So, in the interest of getting our community members what you want, as quickly as we can possibly provide it, our staff went on an full Indica Internet research missing today and combed through dozens of potential suggestions for the best cannabis review site currently available in Spanish. We contacted a few as well and finally decided on our new friends at: Cannabis Magazine ES.

If you take a look at their website you’ll find a similar level of care and attention to detail on their site as you find right here in English on Weed Store Reviews. They do take a more ‘serious’ tone with less comedic updates, but if real, raw and unfiltered marijuana news from around the globe in Spanish is what you want to read right now, they definitely have a digital Cannabis Magazine worth bookmarking.