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Even Some Cops Admit They Love Weed Now

In celebration of 4/20, the unofficial weed holiday, The Cut, made a great movie featuring three guys smoking weed for the first time in a long time. Why haven't these men been able to partake in the lovable past time? Well, they used to be cops, which is typically a no weed profession.

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Is Tinder Just a Weed Delivery Service?

The girl shows up to his house, with no pizza in hand. Plus she was super uncomfortable being filmed, perhaps because she was actually a weed delivery girl. Want the full story? Check out what Weed Store Reviews found out about Tinder when Buzzfeed ran a delivery experiment online!

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April 20th Sparks Hotel Reservations at Denver Hotels For 420 Marijuana Celebrations

A representative of Hotels.com said searches for Denver bookings during April 17-20 are up more than 60% over the same period in 2014 and searches last April had skyrocketed 73% higher than the same period in 2013 before recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado. That means hotel searches have more than doubled in two short years, and booking to capacity is likely for nearly every hotel in the area - which brings a massive influx of money to the state as tourists arrive and spend at restaurants, events, stores and more throughout the local area.

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Cannabis Magazine For The Best Weed News In Spanish

In the interest of getting our community members what you want, as quickly as we can possibly provide it, our staff went on an full Indica Internet research missing today and combed through dozens of potential suggestions for the best cannabis review site currently available in Spanish. We contacted a few as well and finally decided on our new friends at: Cannabis Magazine ES.

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