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o5t, 3, 7, Knowledge Center | Weed Store Reviews

New Oregon Legal Marijuana Laws Compared To Washington

Oregon's laws are a lot more permissive than Washington laws and that seems to be the way laws are evolving state to state. In both states medical marijuana patients can possess more pot and grow their own marijuana, so this comparison is focused only the laws that deal with recreational weed enthusiasts.

Marijuana vs Alcohol – The New York Times Reports The Truth

As legal marijuana starts sweeping its way across the country with many legislatures submitting bills and voting in favor of new legalization laws, the debate some Americans have about the impact of legal marijuana as compared to legal alcoholic beverages has become increasingly interesting. Now The New York Times is stepping into the discussion with an article from the point of view of leading pediatrician Aaron E. Carroll, a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine.

By |March 23rd, 2015|Knowledge Center, News & Culture, Weed Science|0 Comments

New Hampshire Legalizes Industrial Hemp

The new legislative act, labeled New Hampshire Bill HB494 is an essential first step forward for hemp in the country. The movement will continue and the hope is that citizens and state legislators across the nation will wake up and take back their rights like the people have already done in Colorado, Oregon and Vermont where courageous farmers are growing industrial hemp during an unfortunate period of federalist uncertainty. It is time for the federal government to withdraw its attempt to overstep its authority with regard to hemp and allow the free market to dictate the future of what appears to be an exceptionally useful natural resource.

Colorado Bought 148,238 Pounds of Legal Marijuana In 2014

Colorado sold 148,238 pounds of marijuana flowers including 109,578 pounds of medical marijuana and 38,660 pounds of recreational weed. There were approximately 5,590,000 units of edible and non-edible marijuana infused products created including 1,964,917 units of medical marijuana edible (medible) products and 2,850,733 units of recreational weed edibles. The state oversaw the sale of 771,000 units of non-edible marijuana infused products were sold (including creams, lotions, and other topical agents including 412,000 units of non-edible medical marijuana topicals and 359,000 units of non-edible recreational weed topicals as well.

Boodigo Is The Fully Encrypted Search Engine For Adults

BoodiGo employs end-to-end encryption, meaning search data cannot be turned over to anyone interested in violating the privacy of BoodiGo users – because BoodiGo never has the data to share in the first place. It is the Search Engine for Adults, without spying eyes seeing what interests you or censors stopping you from finding what you are actually looking for online.

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How Long Does THC Last In Your Body? Whiz-Quiz Analysis

There are many reasons that "How Long Does THC Stay In Your Body?" remains one of the most frequent questions asked by new Weed Store Reviews readers. Some are interested for health reasons, others have job interview whiz-quizzes to content with and so on. That's why we decided to dig deeper to get you the most comprehensive and up to date answer.

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Is It Possible To Overdose With Marijuana?

While science is always evolving and nothing is ever fully known beyond the possibility of future findings, it is safe to say that as of today, the current scientific data suggests that any kind of true overdose would require such a herculean amount of marijuana in your system that it becomes all but impossible.

By |February 26th, 2015|Knowledge Center, News & Culture|0 Comments

Cannabis Magazine For The Best Weed News In Spanish

In the interest of getting our community members what you want, as quickly as we can possibly provide it, our staff went on an full Indica Internet research missing today and combed through dozens of potential suggestions for the best cannabis review site currently available in Spanish. We contacted a few as well and finally decided on our new friends at: Cannabis Magazine ES.

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Grandmothers Smoke Marijuana For The First Time

Uninhibited, adorable and as the video says itself 'no grandmas were harmed in the making of this video' filmed legally in Washington state. These silver-foxes try vaping, bawdy trivia and an assortment of card games before concluding that they would definitely do it again...

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Boodigo Encrypted Search Engine Loves Weed Store Reviews

Boodigo uses end to end encryption so your search data will never be turned over to anyone, because they don't even have your search data in any stored format that they could hand over if they wanted to... and they don't want to have it. Until recently the engine has focused almost entirely on adult websites where spouses, bosses and the government may want to see what you have been searching for... but they have zero need to know. Now Boodigo, in collaboration with Weed Store Reviews is expanding their search focus to include legal marijuana as well.

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