Never Settle for Synthetics – Legal Marijuana Is Real Cannabis

Stay away from synthetic drugs and harsh chemicals. If you want to consume marijuana, always make sure you are doing it legally and are abiding by all regulations of the jurisdiction where you are present. Choosing to ingest spice or any other nonsense because you were unable to find legal marijuana is no better than dating a wood chipper because you were having a hard time finding an actual girl.

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Marijuana vs Alcohol – The New York Times Reports The Truth

As legal marijuana starts sweeping its way across the country with many legislatures submitting bills and voting in favor of new legalization laws, the debate some Americans have about the impact of legal marijuana as compared to legal alcoholic beverages has become increasingly interesting. Now The New York Times is stepping into the discussion with an article from the point of view of leading pediatrician Aaron E. Carroll, a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine.

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How Long Does THC Last In Your Body? Whiz-Quiz Analysis

There are many reasons that "How Long Does THC Stay In Your Body?" remains one of the most frequent questions asked by new Weed Store Reviews readers. Some are interested for health reasons, others have job interview whiz-quizzes to content with and so on. That's why we decided to dig deeper to get you the most comprehensive and up to date answer.

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