Wired Magazine Online did a terrific visual article that helps you get a good sense of what’s going on with the Colorado Marijuana Industry at a glance. These 5 charts provide a wealth of statistical fact that your eyes can digest in seconds.

The slides above are just a few of the terrific graphical items posted in the Wired report, showing the growth of the marijuana market, migration toward edibles and robust parallels for a healthy recreational weed vertical alongside a strong medical marijuana vertical without one cannibalizing the market share of the other.

Wired has always been a forward thinking publication with a finger on the pulse of the tech sector, but as Weed Apps become more prevalent and the worlds of tech and weed converge to overlap even more, there is a good chance they will also expand their coverage to include many important issues relevant to the green side of the internet. We welcome their open-minded journalistic approach.

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