Outspoken comedian, actress, author, television host, producer and activist Chelsea Handler is now adding “Legal Marijuaner” to her long list of titles and accolades. For those unfamiliar with her unique comedic style, Ms. Handler has hosted a late-night talk show called Chelsea Lately on the E! network for more than a half-dozen years, and is currently preparing to host a new original talk show on Netflix that is scheduled to go global in 2016. In 2012, Time placed her on their list of the world’s 100 Most Influential People and her influence is being wielded with increasing precision as she focuses in on a few very important aspects of societal freedom.

Already working hard to promote the acceptance of “gay marriage” as a national and international human right, Chelsea Handler is now throwing her hat in the ring as a proponent of marijuana rights as well. This recent tweet has already stirred up plenty of support and helped to shine an even brighter light on the moral necessity and statutory inconsistencies of modern American cannabis regulation.

We thank you for your continued support Chelsea, and we will be there in 2016 to support your new Netflix show as well. Partly because we appreciate your openness in the area of marijuana legal reform, and even more so because we happen to know just how entertaining you often are when you get a chance to speak your mind.

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