Weed FactsWhen the marijuana legalization grass roots movement began, a lot of people made assumptions about the pace at which weed might sell. Some suggested it would only be a blip on the radar and others argued it would be a massive shift in culture that allowed citizens to enjoy their freedom more easily while helping states to cash in on the world’s most obvious cash crop. Now the data is coming in and within the borders of Colorado alone, government records show that marijuana patients and weed enthusiasts bought a mind-blowing amount of cannabis legally. In fact, more than 148,238 pounds of marijuana was purchased in Colorado during 2014!

The report was issued by and certified by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division and it unequivocally highlights the fact that marijuana legalization is the right thing to do nation wide. According to their website, the division is “tasked with licensing and regulating the Medical and Retail Marijuana industries in Colorado” and this new 42-page report includes information about everything from data on licensing, to the amount of medical versus retail marijuana sold. The organization also calls itself “the regulating agency of the world’s first legal retail marijuana industry, along with regulating the medical marijuana industry.”

Here are the complete report findings filtered down to the best bits for anyone interested in real facts:

Colorado sold 148,238 pounds of marijuana flowers including 109,578 pounds of medical marijuana and 38,660 pounds of recreational weed. There were approximately 5,590,000 units of edible and non-edible marijuana infused products created including 1,964,917 units of medical marijuana edible (medible) products and 2,850,733 units of recreational weed edibles. The state oversaw the sale of 771,000 units of non-edible marijuana infused products were sold (including creams, lotions, and other topical agents including 412,000 units of non-edible medical marijuana topicals and 359,000 units of non-edible recreational weed topicals as well.

Growers across the state of Colorado cultivated an average of 300,000-320,000 medical plants each month and anyone who thinks these numbers will be the same in 2015 is simply wrong. The growth of the legal marijuana industry in Colorado is thriving. There is no discernible uptick in any form of crime relevant to cannabis consumption and the naysayers have now been proven wrong by years of consistent, compelling and incontrovertible evidence. If your state has not legalized medical marijuana and recreational weed yet, your representatives are leaving tax money on the table, fostering an underground economy of illegal activity, propping up a failed prison system of recidivism and allowing your community to suffer massive financial penalties in name of a completely disproven moral bias against an organic plant that can alleviate illnesses and provide enjoyment for mature consenting adults. It’s time to let them know that cannabis isn’t the enemy, and while it may not be the answer to everything, preventing adults from having access to it is simply unacceptable from a voter’s perspective.

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