When you think of Utah, you probably think of a land full of pretty conservative people who don’t like weed all that much, but you would be wrong. You see, it’s becoming more and more clear that weed is a bipartisan issue because anyone who has certain illnesses can be helped greatly by weed, whether they are republican, democrat or something else. Just a few days ago, the state’s usually conservative legislature considered a bill that would enact a system for medical marijuana within the state. While the plan ultimately did not pass, the governmental body gave serious thought to it, much more than they have in the past.

According to the ACLU, it’s not just a perception that weed is an issue that everyone – even conservatives – care about, it’s true! Some political analysts believe that this is because the conservative parties have gotten an injection of pure libertarianism in the past few years, and one tenet of being libertarian is that they believe the government should keep their noses out of most things. Thus, with a more libertarian look at things, more conservatives believe that weed laws should be up to the states and may even believe that it should be up to individual people when, how and why they want to use marijuana.

Another plan that came close to passing was all about allowing those with severe conditions to use CBD based medicines, which have been shown to help things like epilepsy. While these bills did not pass, it’s not time to despair. What’s important is that the conversation about weed got started in this typically conservative state, and next time the measure comes on the ballot or is presented to the legislature, people might consider voting for it.

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