In November, election day was a big victory for many cannabis activists all over the country. Quite a few states saw legalization of cannabis on the record, including Oregon. According to Oregon’s new law, Measure 91, as of July 1, it’s supposed to be legal for Oregonians to smoke pot and consume it in different forms, as they please. However, there is one big catch. It is still illegal to buy and sell cannabis, since the bill gave the oversight of any pot shops to the Liquor Control Commission, and they haven’t even started taking applications for purveyors of cannabis products yet.

How can Oregon residents obtain pot? Well, it’s legal to have it gifted to you, or they will have to turn to the way the rest of the country gets their pot, through illegal drug sales. The other way is to grow a small amount at your own home, which is now allowed. However, growing your own can be time consuming and difficult, even though it could be fun, not everyone is looking to start a new horticultural hobby.

However, there is an end in sight to the problem. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is supposed to start taking applications for weed stores in January of 2016, meaning that the first shops will likely open in mid to late 2016. So, it’s a temporary problem, but for now, it is somewhat of a “catch 22.” You can smoke pot in Oregon, but it’s cloudy as to how you can┬álegally obtain it.

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