In celebration of 4/20, the unofficial weed holiday, The Cut, made a great movie featuring three guys smoking weed for the first time in a long time. Why haven’t these men been able to partake in the lovable past time? Well, they used to be cops, which is typically a no weed profession.

If you watch the video the guys seem to be enjoying themselves thoroughly, and they get schooled hard in the delicate art of bong usage – which would certainly be a mystery to first time pot smokers. They even took a “sobriety test” before the weed experience, to see how the weed would affect their abilities.

During the experience, the gentlemen were questioned about their thoughts on pot usage. They had some pretty progressive views. When asked if he thought it was a gateway drug, one former cop brought up the great point that those who use harder drugs had also drank milk at some point in their life, so wouldn’t we say that milk is a gateway drug? Another former officer said he really likes the idea of legalization because it will create marijuana products that consumers can trust.

The Cut is the same company that brought you the classic video of three grandmothers smoking weed for the very first time. They weren’t as well versed in the ways of bong usage as these older gentlemen, but the video is quite amusing as well!

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