Focused Feeling

Believe it or not, some types of pot actually help you focus. Usually they are sativas or sativa/indica blends that are more heavy on the sativa side. Some people like to call it “productive pot.” It’s the kind of thing to take in when you want to clean your whole house, do your taxes, or do any task that you have been dreading. Focusing types of pot will help you to do those tasks you have been seriously dreading with a smile – and you’ll be so focused that you will be less likely to be distracted by Facebook or other typical distractions that usually help you to procrastinate. Productive types of pot are not really good for nights when you want to relax and not think about anything of much importance. However, it could be fun to smoke some productive pot and watch some movies, since you will get really into whatever the movie is about. If you’re feeling the need to be productive, take in some focusing types of pot to get you happily started on tasks or into whatever you want to do!

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