Intense Feeling

If you think marijuana is all about a spacey sensation of relaxation and rest, you are likely used to smoking Sativa biased cannabis plants. There is another form of cannabis called Indica, and it is capable of providing you with an entirely different emotional effect. One of the main attributes of Indica blends is an intense focus. The kind of pot smoking that film students do when keying in on subtle nuance of an important scene study. The sort of locked-in acuity that martial artists and athletes sometimes choose during study sessions. Nobody in their right mind things that you will think more clearly on weed than you do when you are completely sober, but you often will think differently. Bursts of creativity are common, recall of specific trivia or memorization like when learning lines to go off-book before performing in a live play – the intensity of some forms of Indica Cannabis have been shown in studies to enhance certain aspects of your consciousness and the amount of anecdotal evidence is simply off the charts at this point if you are someone who does benefit from the effect.

Intense Weed

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