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Some forms of Marijuana are powerful appetite enhancers. Recreational pot smokers have referred to the hunger caused by this kind of bud as having the ‘Munchies’, but it becomes a much more profound result when we take medical marijuana patients into full account. Medical dispensaries offer blends of weed types that have been shown to improve the appetite of Cancer patients coping with the side-effects of chemotherapy, and anecdotal evidence also exists that marijuana use may be an excellent therapy for other maladies like anorexia as well as digestive tract ailments that cause the appetite to become sluggish or diminished. Whether you are a recreational weed enthusiast or a person overcoming a serious ailment with the aid of medical marijuana, finding the right type of weed makes a big difference and these particular blends are the ones that will have you looking at your empty bowl wondering where all that ice cream went!

Munchies Weed

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