Sleepy Feeling

Wide awake, Jake? You need some sleepy pot. Usually Indicas are the kind of weed that will make you feel like sinking deep into the couch and closing those eyelids to catch some Z’s. Those with insomnia or sleep issues will really appreciate sleepy pot which canĀ help them fall asleep shortly after smoking, and also to stay asleep. Sleepy pot is also great for anyone who is ill – whether it is just the flu or a more serious illness. It’s usually this type of weed that makes the body feel a bit better and more relaxed when it is down – so you can sleep better! It seems obvious but still worth mentioning that smoking, vaping or eating any type of pot with sleepy qualities when you have something on your agenda is not the best idea. The best times to use this kind of weed is when you’ve got a block of time spaced out for some serious relaxation, or before bed if you want to catch some serious Z’s!

Sleepy Weed

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