Social Feeling

Feeling like a night out on the town with some friends? Social pot will be perfect for you today! Smoke some of this reefer and you may be in the mood to hang out with your friends for a jolly good time. If you’re a typically introverted person and are dreading going out, smoking some more social weed can help you feel happier about hanging out with people. Social weed is also perfect for those who have a bit of social anxiety. You may start to forget all about your worries as they relate to other people if you smoke a bit of social weed before heading out to a social event. Of course, social pot isn’t good for those times when you are about to go to an intimate meetup with just one or two friends, or if you want to spend a night in. You might end up feeling restless and just spend the whole time chatting with your friends online or talking to your mom on the phone!

Social Weed

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