Solo Feeling

Feeling like having a little alone time? Pot that will make you feel like being aloneĀ is perfect for those times when you want to hang out with your bad self. Solo pot might lead to deep Youtube or Wikipedia holes, Googling every single cast member of Law & Order SVU or more productive creative endeavors. Creative types like writers, musicians and artists love to get stoned and lose themselves in their art, and can sit for hours writing, playing music or drawing while stoned. A possible life hack could be to smoke solo pot when you have to do seemingly boring solo tasks like doing your taxes or vacuuming. You might find it a whole lot more interesting with the inner workings of your mind on fleek. Of course, pot that makes you feel like flying solo is not the best for those times when you will be surrounded by tons of people – especially strangers. It could be OK for a nice hangout with one or two close friends, but avoid smoking this type of weed when you have to go that conference for work or out for a big night of hanging out with friends.

Solo Weed

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