Spacey Feeling

Spacey pot will give you the feeling that absolutely anything is possible and will help you think of weird out there ideas. It will also help you zone out if relaxation is your goal. Spacey pot is perfect for those times when you just want to forget about all your troubles, hang out and watch some Netflix or have a fun and chill hang out session with some friends. It could also be good for those times when  you just want to get stoned and wander around a store and lose any sense of time while gawking at weird products that you would normally just gloss over. However, spacey pot might not be the best for those times when you really want to concentrate hard on something, or any time you need to be productive, as it will put some pretty fluffy, but pleasant clouds in your brain. You also might not like it if you need to be in a super social space, since your mind will probably want to wander wherever it wants.

Spacey Weed

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