Chocolate Flavor

Chocolate has been called everything from a candy to a cure-all panacea at one point or another. Adored for aphrodisiac effects, sought after for its rich and creamy flavor and used in just about every human endeavor, including beauty tips, spa treatments, culinary masterpieces and so much more. Whether Chocolate is added to edible marijuana mixes, found in the notes of flowery strains of weed or discovered in concoctions that come straight from the manufacturers to you – the combination of Chocolate on your tastebuds and Cannabis in your system is as close to paradise as some people can ever get. Whether that’s a genetic predisposition to Chocolate, a pop-culture chocoholic reference or just a mellow appreciation for one of the world’s tastiest substances, damn near everything goes better with Chocolate and that goes for weed just like it goes for nearly everything else!

Chocolate Weed

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