Pungent Flavor

There is a certain stereotype associated with weed, and that is that it smells pretty strongly. Most strains do, and that’s not a bad thing! Stoners and weed aficionados tend to enjoy the scent of weed, and its different varieties, because it’s part of the whole appreciation process. Of course the more pungent varieties of weed will let everyone around you know what you’re doing, so if you’re trying to smoke or vape on the down low, a pungent variety is probably not for you. However, if you’re able to fly your weed loving flag high and proud, stink up the place with whatever scent of weed you enjoy, whether that be skunky, cheeseish or tropical. Pungent varieties of weed might also give your baked goods a slightly more “weed” ish smell and taste.

Pungent Weed

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