Florida is finally getting ready to open it’s first medical marijuana dispensary about 2 years after the state’s legislature and governor approved the bill allowing it. It will be run by one of the states 6 allowed growers, Trulieve, who had to submit a 2,000 page application and be inspected by the department of health in order to open the dispensary. The application is apparently very thorough and quite technical. They will apparently be selling one strain of weed at the new store, their excellent high-CBD and low THC one which is called Vita Jay. This gives their product even more medicinal value because CBD is the non-psychoactive pain relieving agent used by people with many disorders. The CEO of the company, Kim Rivers, told news outlets “I think once people realize that it really is medicine, that it’s not in any way recreational, they will see why people need it.”

Trulieve will also be creating a more potent type of weed with higher THC that will only be available to patients with terminal diseases under Florida’s unique Right to Try law. This gives people with terminal illnesses the right to try new medications and treatments that are not available to the general public. In order to access these higher THC strains, patients will have to be declared terminal by two separate doctors.

If you’re a Florida resident who is going to be eligible for medical marijuana, you should know that the dispensaries are only going to be able to be cash only, so you can’t pay with a credit card. In addition, this first dispensary will be in Tallahassee, and Trulieve believes they will start dispensaries soon in other cities in Florida, including Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Bradenton. Welcome to MMJ, Florida!

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