Eugene Monroe is a football player who played the position of offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens & Jackson Jaguars for 7 seasons. He is a great player, but most people will probably remember him for being one of the key players who asked the NFL to reconsider their position on allowing players to use medical marijuana. The reason for this is because the NFL doctors often prescribe painkillers that are much more harmful to the body than marijuana. His views were quite controversial to his team, and he thinks that might be one of the reasons he was “released” from his position earlier this year, though no one can know for sure.

After leaving, more teams contacted him to hire him, but Eugene announced he is retiring because he fears that playing much longer will damage his body permanently. It’s not the playing that he fears, it’s the drugs that he would need to take in order to keep his body working. “Anti-inflammatories or opioids, which I certainly don’t want to take, that is certainly the option to stay within the rules of the game.” He explained to a news outlet, describing his conundrum: Play longer and take harmful painkillers or stop playing, take care of his body and use medical marijuana to heal his injuries.

In response to Monroe’s request, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the NFL would continue to research and see if medical marijuana is a viable treatment option for NFL players, though they declined to change their policies at this time. More players want the option to use medical marijuana so, Eugene encourages them to keep their voices loud so some changes can be made. When you think of football, the last thing you might think of is medical marijuana, but hopefully that will change in the near future.

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