As Marijuana becomes legal in more places, there is an entire generation that was brought up thinking weed is evil based on the Reefer Madness mindset. So, what happens when grandmothers actually inhale pot for the first time? This simple youtube video gives you a good look at just how fast seventy years of propaganda fade away into the far reaches of a smoke filled room a few bong-hits later.

Uninhibited, adorable and as the video says itself ‘no grandmas were harmed in the making of this video’ filmed legally in Washington state. These silver-foxes try vaping, bawdy trivia and an assortment of card games before concluding that they would definitely do it again… if they can figure out how to get the bag of chips open.

That’s an important tip for anyone new to weed usage. Always open your snack bags before you start smoking. Always ;)

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