One weed farmer in Hawaii who has worked hard to get his license to grow for medical purposes doesn’t want anyone to get their hands on his crops. Sure, he has a security system that is state of the art, but he knows that it is probably not enough to stop any kind of hoodlum that walks up into the joint. So, he is resorting to another sort of security system that is not quite as usual. He is allowing a bunch of cows, belonging to cattle rancher friends, to graze on the property, which is about 40 acres. The cows will clear the brush and increase visibility so it will be very hard for anyone to sneak onto the property to steal any amount of marijuana. Since cows are pretty peaceful creatures, he is putting up signs that say “wild bulls” because that sounds a lot scarier than a mama cow grazing on some grass.

This brings to light the unique culture of Hawaii. The people there are always using the land and their own natural resources for things, and this is just another example of that. Leave it to a weed farmer to use the resources around to protect his crop. In keeping with the friendly Hawaiian tradition, the farmer also plans to share the surveillance video feed with his neighbors so they can view what kind of traffic is coming up and down the road leading to his grow operation. It shows that he really wants his neighbors to know what he is up to and he is not holding any secrets in his grow operation. Before getting into weed, this farmer grew hydroponic tomatoes, but saw the opportunity to make some more capital and contribute natural medicine to his community when the state of Hawaii legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

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