Marijuana OverdoseA new article recently published by the Huffington Post details the exhaustive list of exactly zero people who have ever been the victim of a marijuana overdose. While people can, and in fact have, overdosed on many other substances including liquor, spray paint, asbestos, sugar and thousands of other seemingly safe ingredients – the body appears to process cannabis with amazingly efficient results.

Yes, people can end up feeling ‘too stoned’ as Maureen Dowd famously felt after wolfing down a massive amount of edible marijuana for her New York Times expose, but even she didn’t suffer any long term side-effects from her ignorant misuse of marijuana.

While science is always evolving and nothing is ever fully known beyond the possibility of future findings, it is safe to say that as of today, the current scientific data suggests that any kind of true overdose would require such a herculean amount of marijuana in your system that it becomes all but impossible.

As with anything you ingest, imbibe or inhale – moderation is the smartest way to guy and people should always be vigilant about their health. However, the list of things you could damage your body with far worse than cannabis ever will is likely to be miles long. In 2015, so far the grand total of marijuana overdoses reported as the primary cause of serious illnesses or injuries remains a big fat smoke-ring of a zero. Enjoy!

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