A new study suggests there may be a link between weed usage and the intensity of dreams. You have probably noticed, if you’re an avid weed smoker, that when you take a break from the ganj your dreams may become more intense. Or perhaps if you don’t smoke all that much, and you get really stoned, when you sleep, you may notice a night of peaceful sleep with no dreams, which is one benefit of the substance for those who suffer from nightmares. Some preliminary studies have given scientists the idea that this link between weed and dreams is not imaginary, but a real thing, however, they have determined that more study is needed to confirm their suspicions.

Some people believe that this connection is caused by the finding that smoking weed reduces the amount of time you are in REM sleep, which is the portion of sleep that scientists theorie we dream in. So, when you stop smoking weed, then your REM sleep would increase, giving you your feisty dreams back. While some people think that REM suppression would be bad for your health, because many believe REM is the time in sleep when your brain does work such as fixing itself and storing memories, other studies have revealed that a decrease in REM sleep does not really do any harm to the body in waking life.

Most people agree that smoking an indica heavy blend of weed is the best kind of thing to smoke if you are trying to use weed so you can sleep better. Remember – indica = “In da couch” ie, the kind of high where you feel pleasantly happy snuggled up in your blankets sailing off to dreamland. Sativa heavy blends can make your mind spin faster than is helpful at bedtime, and some have reported that it actually gives them strange dreams.

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