Ok, we’ve all done it. You’re feeling frisky so you hop on Tinder one night to find a hook up, and you go over there and end up getting high as anything. Davison, a chick, and Stephen, a dude, of Buzzfeed took this concept to a whole new level. They set up a pizzalicious challenge: Could they get a random Tinder person to send them a pizza within 4 hours?

Things started off slow. Once the pizza buying was brought, up, the potential matches seemed to disappear or go quiet. However, at the end it looked like Stephen finally had a fish on the line! The girl showed up to his house, with no pizza in hand. Plus she was super uncomfortable being filmed, perhaps because she was actually a weed delivery girl!

“I was talking about pizza, literally, and I think you thought I meant drugs?!”

So, basically Tinder is just a weed delivery service! Novel idea.

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