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Blackhawk 1859

Weed Store First Impressions:
Blackhawk 1859 is a recreational marijuana store located in Blackhawk, Colorado and serves the area with great personnel and excellent deals on all of their cannabis products. They feature premium edibles and concentrates as well as hand crafted, cared for and harvested cannabis. Their knowledgeable weed consultants are waiting and ready to meet you and help you select just the right products for you. The great location is easy to access from all around the area.

Environmental Studies:
Everyone that has commented about this fairly new location agrees that it’s a nice place and will be very popular for many years to come. The hours of operation are currently unlisted so the store encourages people to call ahead or email for current hours. The consultants will always get back to you as soon as they possibly can because they certainly want to become your marijuana store of choice!

Cannabis Conclusions:
In the end, this location is a really well established business with a long track history and record of compliance with all state laws regarding the sale of marijuana. Good special deals and a wide variety of weed, edibles, flowers, tinctures and even drinks means you should be able to find more than what you’re looking for here. A highly recommended weed store you should visit often.

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Blackhawk 1859 Blackhawk 1859
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They feature premium edibles and concentrates as well as hand crafted, cared for and harvested cannabis. Their knowledgeable weed consultants are waiting and ready to meet you and help you select just the right products for you.

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