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221 Inc – Recreational Weed

Weed Store First Impressions:
221 Inc is a very easy to browse cannabis store located in Conway, Washington only a short way from interstate 5. They strive to offer the serious and casual consumer alike the kind of friendly and knowledgeable staff that will make their shopping experience very pleasurable. Proud to offer Washington State grown marijuana, everyone is encouraged to come in and ask questions and get to know their staff, offerings and prices. Grams start out at only $13 and scale up with quality and rarity.

Environmental Studies:
The location is open every single day of the week at 10:00 AM which makes planning a trip to the store very easy. Closing times are 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday, 8:00 PM Friday and Saturday and 6:00 PM on Sunday. They accept cash or debit cards, and their store even includes a convenient ATM machine so that you can pay for your purchases with ease.

Cannabis Conclusions:
This store is in a very nice location that is North of Seattle and South of Bellingham making it a nice place to stop for anyone travelling between the more populated locations. The area also boasts nice wineries and sidewalk coffee shops so it could easily be a destination for visitors from around the country or even the world.

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221 Inc – Recreational Weed 221 Inc – Recreational Weed
Review: 4.0000 - "based on 4 reviews" , published by , on 2015-01-27 01:49:21

221 Inc is a very easy to browse cannabis store located in Conway, Washington only a short way from I-5 and The location is open every single day of the week at 10:00 AM which makes planning a trip to the store very easy. Closing times are 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday, 8:00 PM Friday and Saturday and 6:00 PM on Sunday.

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Oh my GAWD

Mar 27, 2015 by Janna
Quality: Superb
Service: Awesome
Atmosphere: Friendly

oh laawd people! this place be out of this world! the caramels they have are juust soooo guuud sometimes even better than sex! xoxo


Mar 27, 2015 by Jarvan IV
Quality: Outstanding
Service: Out of this world
Atmosphere: Professional

I recently visited the facility and I should say I am beyond impressed. It's simplicity is simply marvelous and the quality of their strains is second to none!


Mar 27, 2015 by Weed Poppa
Quality: Awesome
Service: Awesoe
Atmosphere: Chill

I just luuuv this pleic! Its ma go'to weed shop! They showed me how to bong better and my highs ahve been SOOO HIIIGH lol

Early bird

Mar 27, 2015 by Midnight
Quality: Great
Service: Friendly
Atmosphere: Energetic

Openning up at 10AM is just SWEET. I can pass by the shop while doing my morning run and stock up on goodies! The girls scout cookies are killer!

Weedstore Reviews , USA 4.0 4.0 4 4 oh laawd people! this place be out of this world! the caramels they have are juust soooo guuud sometimes even better than sex! xoxo


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