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d, t, ANIMAS HERBAL RECREATIONAL Weed | Weed Store Reviews


Weed Store First Impressions:
Animas Herbal Recreational is a great store serving up some of the finest marijuana to be found in Southwest Colorado. Their store atmosphere is very friendly and the staff knows all about each strain and the effect it will have on the person using it. There is always something on sale and the regular prices are some of the lowest to be found according to a lot of first hand comments.

Environmental Studies:
This store is very easy to visit and shop in because it stays open from 9:00 AM until 6:50 PM every single day of the week. A security guard is always on hand and there is easy wheelchair access as well, so you can be confident and safe. They carry a nice selection of edibles for under $10 dollars and pre-rolled joints are also very popular and convenient.

Cannabis Conclusions:
With such a fun and friendly vibe, Animas Herbal is a great store for any recreational marijuana user, especially considering that they treat out of state visitors the same as their own. Pricing is a key factor too and the strains offered are all high quality and well known to be effective. Hands down one of the best stores to shop in Colorado.

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This store is very easy to visit and shop in because it stays open from 9:00 AM until 6:50 PM every single day of the week. A security guard is always on hand and there is easy wheelchair access as well, so you can be confident and safe.

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