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| Weed Store Reviews


Weed Store First Impressions:
BelMar is a brightly lit, clean and conveniently located recreational weed store in the heart of Bellevue, just outside the downtown area. Featuring many varieties of flowers, edibles and vaping products, this recreational weed store provides a concierge experience for customers with in-store personal shoppers assisting you with any questions as you browse a large selection of marijuana flowers, THC edibles and cannabis concentrates.

Environmental Studies:
BelMar is a licensed I-502 recreational marijuana store located at 614 116th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, staffed by a very friendly and knowledgable cannabis community crew. The BelMar store is in a terrific spot. Conveniently located just one block away from a large WholeFoods store and directly across the street from a new Chick-fil-A, so you can get a meal or plenty of munchies before or after visiting the store. Right off 8th Ave and less than a minute from the 405, BelMar services clients from all of Bellevue and a lot of the surrounding area.

As a recreational weed store, BelMar requires proof of age and residency (a drivers license is all you need) with no need for a medical care card or other paperwork of any kind. The store accepts payments in cash or via ATM card and carries a large accessory assortment that covers everything you’ll want from glassware to screens, lighters, and vaping rig components.

Cannabis Conclusions:
As a unique feature, BelMar is the only store we have found with a full refund policy on defective cartomizers, making them the top choice for vaping customers who want an easy support process in the rare event that an electronic product fails to function properly for any reason. While vaping continues to become increasingly popular among the cannabis community, some cartomizers are duds and if you buy them from other stores you may not have the same level of purchase security that comes from BelMar’s complete customer satisfaction policy. BelMar also makes ‘sniff jars’ available on the counter for many of the strains available so you can see it, sniff it or taste it before buying flowers and edibles from the store, which makes a very big difference in the enjoyment of your weed shopping experience.

Monday to Thursday: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Friday to Saturday: 10:00am – 12:00am
Sunday: 10:00am – 10:00pm

On May 8th from 10am to 11pm, BelMar weed store located at 614 116th Ave. NE will be hosting a special event celebrating the launch of Northwest Cannabis Solutions new full line of MAGIC KITCHEN edibles! Visitors will be able to enjoy free food and drink, including several no-dose versions of the new MAGIC KITCHEN edibles to taste test which ones you wish to enjoy as part of your fully infused TCH edible purchase. Anyone over 21 years old is welcome to attend and we’ll have Northwest Cannabis Solutions representatives in store to answer any questions and go over the unique aspects of these exciting edibles that are each made from scratch. BelmarNews4-28 All of the infused MAGIC KITCHEN products are 10mg THC, so you can expect every edible to be uniform in terms of its flavor and mood altering effect. The new MAGIC KITCHEN line includes all of the following items and each will now be available in the BelMar store collection of top tier marijuana food products: · Koko Gemz: MAGIC KITCHEN chocolate bonbons - available in creamy milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate or exotic white chocolates with or without roasted almonds. · Pebbles: MAGIC KITCHEN classic hard sucker candy - available in tart Apple, citrus Orange, pucker Lemon, wild Black Cherry and sweet Raspberry flavors. · Chewees: MAGIC KITCHEN classic caramel chews - available with or without nuts. · All Your Existing Favorites: More MAGIC KITCHEN cookies - available in Oatmeal, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or White Chocolate Macadamia Nut varieties.
BelMar Weed Store Bellevue Reporter
Check here often for a constantly updating set of deep discounts available for a limited time on many of the most popular items in the BelMar weed store inventory! 20% off first purchase for new customers
BelMar BelMar
Review: 4.5000 - "based on 2 reviews" , published by , on 2015-04-21 00:51:23

BelMar is a brightly lit, clean and conveniently located recreational weed store in the heart of Bellevue, just outside the downtown area. Featuring many varieties of flowers, edibles and vaping products, this recreational weed store provides a concierge experience for customers with in-store personal shoppers assisting you with any questions as you browse a large selection of marijuana flowers, THC edibles and cannabis concentrates.

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Phat Panda Wax And Shatter!

Apr 25, 2015 by Concentrate
Quality: Top Shelf
Service: They actually know what they are talking about
Atmosphere: Really Clean and Bright

Phat Panda is my favorite brand and the are finally starting to get into stores now. Forget flowers and prerolls. If you really want to blast off, you gotta get your own rig and go for the concentrates. Belmar has kickass waxes. Go for Gorilla Glue if you are a first time. Good store.

Cartomizer Heaven

Apr 23, 2015 by Stewart
Quality: Excellent
Service: Friendly
Atmosphere: High End

I'm strictly a vaper, and BelMar is the best store I've been to for cartomizers. They carry Evergreen products with a full guarantee and I'm not sure why but they have the C02 extraction versions priced LOWER than the BHO versions. Awesome pricing, nice staff... with an even bigger selection coming soon im told.

Weedstore Reviews , USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 Phat Panda is my favorite brand and the are finally starting to get into stores now. Forget flowers and prerolls. If you really want to blast off, you gotta get your own rig and go


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