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d, kns, c5, e, thz, p, 7, a, y, Headquarters Cannabis Company – Recreational Weed | Weed Store Reviews

Headquarters Cannabis Company – Recreational

Weed Store First Impressions:

Headquarters Cannabis Company is one of Boulder Counties premier marijuana shops. They pride themselves on using sustainable grow practices that are in line with their commitment to the surrounding community and preserving their local roots. The shop has an outstanding stock of super high quality weed and employees are stoked to tell you about some of their unique heirloom strains like Black Cherry Soda, Golden Goat and  Sour Willie to name a few. In addition, they carry strain specific bubble hash and wax so be sure to put Headquarters on your must visit list.

Environmental Studies:

Headquarters Cannabis Company has two goals. The first is to continue to grow amazing weed based upon sustainable practices and to continue making patients happy. Located just outside of Lyons, they are easy to get to from many of the surrounding areas and they offer ample shopping hours. Open Monday through Saturday 10am-6:45pm and 11am-5pm on Sunday, you owe it to yourself to stop in and check out this fantastic shop.

Cannabis Conclusions:

Colorado is clearly doing cannabis right and Headquarters Cannabis Company is certainly one of the best shops in Boulder County. The staff is friendly and passionate about the weed they grow and the shop is stocked full of delicious and unique strains that will keep you coming back for more.

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Headquarters Cannabis Company – Recreational Headquarters Cannabis Company – Recreational
Review: 4.0000 - "based on 4 reviews" , published by , on 2015-02-03 23:00:53

Headquarters Cannabis Company is passionate about the weed they grow and their delicious and unique strains will keep you coming back for more.

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Headquarters Cannabis Company - Recreational Reviews (4)

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Got Weed?

Mar 28, 2015 by Momma
Quality: Awesome
Service: Chill
Atmosphere: Friendly and Energetic

I stopd by lookin for some weed to ease the weekend and all the stress i got from workin late and the boys there hooked me up in no time! Lawd did i get stoned as fuck that evening at home! lol

Pain Relief

Mar 28, 2015 by Jennifer L
Quality: Great
Service: Kind and Professional
Atmosphere: Friendly

I have been suffering from constant knee and neck pain for almost 35 years when I first came into the store carrying the advise some friends of mine gave me. The staff there was so nice and kind and they treated me so respectfully I ended up blushing. They explainedto me how everything works and now I am proudto say that marijuana has eased my pains and helped me relax like I've never relaxed before.

Long Walk Home

Mar 28, 2015 by Janice
Quality: Superb
Service: Quick
Atmosphere: Friendly

It's turned into a tradition of mine to pass by at 10:30, get a silver haze and then just take the long way home. The morning walks are so much more fun when you're high lol xoxox

Marijuaners Assemble!

Mar 28, 2015 by Logan
Quality: Awesome
Service: Great
Atmosphere: Chill

This is THE place to get your high on bubs! The black cherry soda is my personal fave! You owe to yourselves to try it out! It's a whole new level of weed! HQ is your base for getting high ;)

Weedstore Reviews , USA 4.0 4.0 4 4 I stopd by lookin for some weed to ease the weekend and all the stress i got from workin late and the boys there hooked me up in no time! Lawd did i get stoned as fuck that evening


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