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High Level Health

Weed Store First Impressions:
According to reports about High Level Health, “Other dispensaries call US to stock their Top Shelf.” This Denver Colorado shops on Lincoln and Colfax recently made the shift from medical marijuana dispensaries to full recreational weed stores.

Environmental Studies:
Parking can come at a premium at many downtown Denver weed stores, so High Level Health is proud of the fact that you can easily find Lincoln Street parking available in front of the store and a free lot directly behind of the store off of 10th. For the Colfax store you can either pick street parking in front of the store or park at the Walgreens. They also are eager to point out “We currently carry the San Fernando Valley Headband – #11th strongest strain in the world, as voted by High Times 2014.”

Cannabis Conclusions:
As a downtown supplier of quality cannabis in two Denver locations, High Level Health became a well-known wellness center during its medical marijuana dispensary days. Now as a recreational weed store they are doing their best to expand their brand and service a whole new wave of cannabis community enthusiasts. That may be off-putting to some medical patients but it is also likely to be a sign of things to come at many dispensaries that used to be medical only.

Hours: Open 7 days a week 10am-10pm

Local Weed Stores:

High Level Health High Level Health
Review: 1.0000 - "based on 1 reviews" , published by , on 2015-02-11 00:33:16

As a downtown supplier of quality cannabis in two Denver locations, High Level Health became a well-known wellness center during its medical marijuana dispensary days. Now as a recreational weed store they are doing their best to expand their brand and service a whole new wave of cannabis community enthusiasts.

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awful service

Mar 01, 2015 by Rob c
Quality: Low
Service: Awful
Atmosphere: Moronic

Went here for two years, they use to be great. The quality has got bad use to be much better. And they abuse weed maps. Buy every two days, when I\'m buying I monitor the menu online. Twice now they have lied about strains in stock. They\'ll lost 6 rec strains, u show up and half of them that are top quality are med even tho they bait with false posts on menu...last time the manager actually confessed they did have cataract lush left and pulled from under the counter...

Weedstore Reviews , USA 1.0 1.0 1 1 Went here for two years, they use to be great. The quality has got bad use to be much better. And they abuse weed maps. Buy every two days, when I\'m buying I monitor the menu onli


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