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r9m, Ocean Greens – Recreational Weed | Weed Store Reviews

Ocean Greens – Recreational

Weed Store First Impressions:
Ocean Greens is a Washington weed store that tirelessly seeks out new strains and finds the best quality cannabis for recreational pot smokers and edible enthusiasts. They benefit from an ever-expanding network of local marijuana growers, paraphernalia producers and best of all they stand behind every bud with a full service and satisfaction guarantee.

Environmental Studies:
Unlike other weed stores, Ocean Greens believes there is a more personal and intimate connection people feel toward their cannabis, so instead of keeping it all tucked away behind big glass cases, the have it out where it remains accessible for you to touch, examine packages and get a much closer look at each bud before you buy. In their words “It’s not a precious gem to be staged behind glass. It’s not a novelty attraction. You smoke it. You eat it. You even rub it on your skin” so handling it prior to taking it home makes great sense.

Cannabis Conclusions:
Ocean Greens is raising the bar for cannabis quality, and shopping experiences in Washington for today and tomorrow. Their slogan is simple: If it’s behind the bar, Ocean Greens is behind the bud.

Hours: Open 7 days a week 10am-10pm

Happy Hour Monday to Thursday from 2-4 PM with $8 grams of Blue Dream!

Ocean Greens Happy Hour

Ocean Greens Happy Hour gets you $8 grams of Blue Dream so you can make an hour of the day a happier time! This Happy Hour discount offer is valid Monday to Thursday each week from 2-4PM

Local Weed Stores:

Ocean Greens – Recreational Ocean Greens – Recreational
Review: 4.3333 - "based on 3 reviews" , published by , on 2015-01-27 01:12:25

Through extensive product and market expertise and an ever-expanding network of growers, Ocean Greens is designed to bring a broader selection of strains, products and paraphernalia to customers and they stand on a promise of better prices, service and satisfaction. Cannabis comes from the soft, carbon stuff of life, and they want you to feel that connection with everything they do.

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Ocean Greens - Recreational Reviews (3)

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Like A Good Corner Pub

Mar 07, 2015 by DowntownDave
Quality: Fresh
Service: Freindly
Atmosphere: Casual

Gotta say this is my go to weed store right now. The dudes there know the deal with eveything and they are always bringing in new bud. Thats the thing for me. I dont wana be smoking the same herb every time I get a new batch so having a store that gets out to so many growers is a big deal.

Being Open

Mar 04, 2015 by SexyNatasha
Quality: Great
Service: Great
Atmosphere: Friendly

Now that i have started to openly buy marijuana, Ocean Greens became my favorite place. The staff there is talkative and friendly and they always show me new things to try and even surprise me sometimes with strains I neber heard of before

Advice Worth Getting

Mar 02, 2015 by 9lives
Quality: Superb
Service: Understanding
Atmosphere: Friendly

Ocean Greens is a place where I can always get advice on what to experiment with and try out new herb. The dudes there are really nice and always strive to impress their customers.

Weedstore Reviews , USA 4.3 5.0 3 3 Gotta say this is my go to weed store right now. The dudes there know the deal with eveything and they are always bringing in new bud. Thats the thing for me. I dont wana be smokin


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