Pacific Wave Resource Center

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Pacific Wave Resource Center in Lincoln City is a comfortable shop offering lab tested and inspected concentrates as well as flowers and edibles, some of which is locally grown. It’s a cool store with a friendly staff that definitely knows it’s product and they are happy to discuss all of them with you. Their enthusiasm is genuine and you can tell they believe in the power of pot. Their motto is, “we are here to help, not compete” which is the vibe you get from this laid back shop the minute you walk through the door.

Environmental Studies:

Pacific Wave Resource Center, is a great spot for OMMP cardholders to gain knowledge about the holistic properties of different cannabis strains. They offer a monthly clinic for new patient or those that need to renew their OMMP cards. State legal and licensed, they do not charge membership fees and they provide a wide range of educational materials for those that are interested. There are complimentary sodas, waters and snacks on hand which compliment the friendly and respectful environment nicely. They are open daily from 10am – 5pm.

Cannabis Conclusions:

Pacific Wave Resource Center is a very nice, laid back shop that makes clients feel welcome and at home. The well educated staff is happy to help guide you through your wellness plan and their monthly clinics are a great way for new clients to learn about the holistic properties of cannabis.

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Pacific Wave Resource Center Pacific Wave Resource Center
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Pacific Wave Resource Center holds true to the motto, “we are here to help, not compete” which exemplifies their commitment to health and healing.

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