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rzn, b, qm, l, a, Shango Cannabis – Harold St. Weed | Weed Store Reviews

Shango Cannabis – Harold St.

Weed Store First Impressions:
Shango is a Sky Father, an African warrior king who became the god of lightning, thunder and fire, and one of the most powerful “Orishas” in the Yoruba religion’s pantheon. His name is a combination of the words shan, which means “to strike hard,” and go, which means “to bewilder.” His symbol is the double-headed axe, representing swift and balanced justice, but Shango also represents the vital force that compels people to live life with joy and intensity. He represents passion, intelligence, wealth and masculine beauty. And he is the “owner” of the drums and the arts of music, dance and entertainment. Now that all forms of cannabis are becoming widely recognized, accepted, respected and available, you need a resource you can trust to deliver the highest quality cannabis experience.

Environmental Studies:
Shango is one of the first weed stores to become a successful franchise and it is well on its way to eventually growing from it’s Oregon roots into a national chain of high quality Cannabis retailers because from its inception, Shango has been created for you. A very clean, earthy aesthetic that provides and immediate sense of relaxation within the store’s comfortable surroundings, backed by knowledgable budtenders capable of providing you all of the support and information you need to find exactly what you are seeking.

Cannabis Conclusions:
Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a medicinal marijuana patient, a weed newcomer or someone coming back to the tradition, Shango is ready to redefine your cannabis experience, by giving you a level of service and support that goes beyond your expectations in pursuit of their primary goal – earning your trust. That’s why Shango is quickly becoming the new name for cannabis in America. Come and get your Shango, today.

11:00am – 7:00pm

Shango Cannabis – Harold St. Shango Cannabis – Harold St.
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Shango is an African word that represents the vital forces that compel people to live life with joy and intensity. It represents passion, intelligence, wealth and masculine beauty. The “owner” of the drums and the arts of music, dance and entertainment. Now that all forms of cannabis are becoming widely recognized, accepted, respected and available – Shango is the name you can trust to always deliver the highest quality cannabis experience.

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