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SHANGO Hillsboro

Weed Store First Impressions:
SHANGO Hillsboro is a stunning new store location for the rapidly growing SHANGO family of dispensaries. Delivering premium SHANGO marijuana products withthe terrific SHANGO customer service the brand is already known for providing is rapidly turning this new location into a mainstay for Oregon’s cannabis consumers.

SHANGO Hillsboro carries the complete line of SHANGO Premium and Private Reserve products including: flowers, concentrates, oils, chocolates and the popular BHO Bud Run vaping cartridges. They also feature select edibles, topicals and cartridges from other fine companies that meet SHANGO’s high standards for quality and value. As an added bonus, SHANGO Hillsboro is the best place to buy an extensive selection of TGAgenetics seeds, including the best created by their legendary seed master, the Duke of Dank, Subcool. You’ll only find TGA and Subcool seeds at SHANGO!

Environmental Studies:
Visit Shango Hillsboro on SE Tualatin Valley Highway and discover why SHANGO is setting the standards for cannabis quality and the cannabis experience in Oregon and around the country.

Cannabis Conclusions:
By becoming one of the first nationally recognized brands, SHANGO and it’s loyal customers are helping to blaze a trail toward the inevitable acceptance of legal marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Your choice of cannabis dispensaries matters, and going with a trusted brand that is actively pursuing the greater acceptance of the industry as a whole also allows you to put your purchasing power to work for you in a meaningful political way as well without any direct involvement.

Monday – Thursday 10AM – 8PM
Friday – Saturday 10AM – 10PM
Sunday 10AM – 8PM

SHANGO Hillsboro SHANGO Hillsboro
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Weed Store First Impressions: SHANGO Hillsboro is a stunning new store location for the rapidly growing SHANGO family of dispensaries. Delivering premium SHANGO marijuana products withthe terrific SHANGO customer service the brand is already known for providing is rapidly turning this new location into a mainstay for Oregon’s cannabis consumers. SHANGO Hillsboro carries the complete […]

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