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Shango Cannabis

Weed Store First Impressions:
Shango is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive range of superior combustible cannabis and marijuana infused products. Every offering contains premium quality cannabis meticulously cultivated and refined to yield the finest and most desirable characteristic effects with a distinctive, fully satisfying experience that cannabis consumers expect, at a price that is unexpectedly on comparable to inferior products sold elsewhere. Shango stores combine beautiful interior design and educational materials intended to turn an ordinary shopping experience into an extraordinary event. Utilizing state of the art technology with the high-end convenience of concierge customer service, one-touch fingerprint registration and call-ahead ordering – Shango is setting the new standard for much of the Cannabis Industry as a top tier marijuana retailer.

Environmental Studies:
Together, Shango products and stores define the spirit of adventure, excitement and fun that the responsible cannabis community enthusiasts share. A look around each of their franchised stores shows a rare combination of stylistic uniformity from store to store and individual creativity to give each location its own unique sense of own.

Cannabis Conclusions:
More than just ‘the next cannabis store you have seen’, Shango is truly something different. A real ernest attempt at developing a brand worthy of recognition. The entire Shango ethos is built upon their core mission of earning the trust of each new customer and building a strong name worthy of your next visit.

11:00am – 7:00pm

Shango Cannabis Shango Cannabis
Review: 4.5000 - "based on 2 reviews" , published by , on 2015-03-14 13:36:08

Shango stores combine beautiful interior design and educational materials intended to turn an ordinary shopping experience into an extraordinary event. Utilizing state of the art technology with the high-end convenience of concierge customer service, one-touch fingerprint registration and call-ahead ordering – Shango is setting the new standard for much of the Cannabis Industry as a top tier marijuana retailer.

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Shango Cannabis Reviews (2)

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PDX connoisseur

Jun 03, 2015 by Daniel Mckee
Quality: 10
Service: 10
Atmosphere: 10

By far my favorite spot to get meds. This is Portland's best kept secret!

Can't Wait!!!

May 12, 2015 by Portlandia
Quality: Looks Good
Service: Looks Good
Atmosphere: Looks Good

Haven't actually come into the store yet but I'm visiting Portland soon with friends. Love the logo Shango is using. Can't wait to try out this weed store and see how its different from my favorites in Colorado.

Weedstore Reviews , USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 By far my favorite spot to get meds. This is Portland's best kept secret!


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