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Uncle Ikes

Weed Store First Impressions
A top shelf pot shop in the heart of Seattle? Yes, there is one and it’s gaining a lot of notoriety around town. Uncle Ike’s on the corner of 23rd and E. Union encompasses two store fronts with a shared parking lot. One store features the finest glass and goods while the other is a go-to destination for locals seeking fresh buds and tourists eager for a marijuana adventure in Washington. Unlike other recreational weed stores that try to be low key and blend into a strip mall with a corporate sense of keeping things quiet, Uncle Ike’s literally spills out into the parking lot with merchandise and budtenders available under storefront tents keeping things moving, even during the busiest times of the day or night. The store almost has the feel of waiting on line outside a rock concert where the people you meet and greet are almost as interesting as the main event when you get your chance to step inside.

Environmental Studies
Located on the same street corner of 23rd Ave and E. Union Street, Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop and Uncle Ike’s Glass & Goods have become favorites of the cannabis community throughout the Seattle area and beyond. The store has a festive and inviting atmosphere – oftentimes with merchandise tables set up outside – catering to a fast moving queue of eager customers. Awaiting them in the store are knowledgable budtenders serving top quality cannabis products from behind each well-lit glass cabinet.

Cannabis Conclusions
If you ask around the Seattle area, Uncle Ike’s is always at the top of the list of pot shop names that marijuana enthusiasts have on the tip of their tongues. Yes, they provide quality edibles, flowers, topicals, waxes and oils at low prices – but so do so many other establishments. What really sets Ike’s apart from all the rest is the festival like environment, friendly chit chat among customers, convenient location and a crew of budtenders who really do understand exactly what you want to know about every item in the inventory. This is the prefect place for novices who might feel timid about the weed-buying experience and want friendly experts to make it all fun.

MON – SUN: 10AM – 11:45PM

Uncle Ikes Uncle Ikes
Review: 4.5000 - "based on 2 reviews" , published by , on 2015-09-28 18:07:29

Uncle Ikes has the feel of waiting on line outside a rock concert where the people you meet and greet are almost as interesting as the main event when you get your chance to step inside. The line moves quickly, the budtenders are terrific and the crowds of consumers are as friendly as any you’ll ever find.

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Uncle Ikes Reviews (2)

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late night hours are awesome

Sep 30, 2015 by nightowls
Quality: Great
Service: Sara Rocks!
Atmosphere: Fun

I work nights so most places are closed when I come out but Ikes is there for me open after 11 and gotta give a shout for sara. That girl is a cutie and she knows her buds!

Good And Cheap But Not Exactly Fast

Sep 30, 2015 by Ben
Quality: Top Shelf
Service: Fantastic after the wait
Atmosphere: Friendly by there can be lines

This is my favorite pot shop in seatown. They have everything, the prices are good and they give lots of info if you have questions on it all. just make sure you set aside a few exra minutes for the line to get in the store takes 5 or 10 minutes extra but its worth the wait

Weedstore Reviews , USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 I work nights so most places are closed when I come out but Ikes is there for me open after 11 and gotta give a shout for sara. That girl is a cutie and she knows her buds!


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