It used to be that marijuana was considered an issue that only liberals and “hippies” cared about, but now, as more and more people realize the physical and mental health benefits of smoking weed, it is certainly becoming more and more of a bipartisan issue that everyone cares about. One thing that has swayed some conservatives is the libertarian viewpoint that has entered the right side over the past few years, which has injected some more small government views. Thus, more conservatives think the gov should stay out of weed legislation and let the people decide for themselves.

This is reflected in a recent survey that showed for the first time ever in history more republicans favor legalization than ever. Currently 45% of republicans polled favor legalization over 42% who do not. This poll was conducted in July and is a big change from the last poll taken in December of 2015 which showed that 50% of republicans polled did not want to legalize pot, and only 36% did want to. It’s quite notable because this is the first time that more republicans have favored legalization over prohibition.

It’s heartwarming to see at least one issue that everyone can agree on in this day and age when politics are so controversial and there are lots of issues that do not encourage people to reach “across the aisle.” If there’s one thing everyone wants to get along about, it’s weed. That’s the nature of the substance in the first place, so it’s quite fitting that everyone should finally see eye to eye.

In the past few years numerous republican focused anti-prohibition groups have popped up, showing that the people are ready for a change – and that includes everyone. Weed isn’t just for “hippies” anymore. It’s for everyone!

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