C02 Extraction of Marijuana OilMarijuana flowers are not the most efficient way to package, preserve or utilize cannabis plants. In fact there are many far more effective ways to enjoy the buzz of your favorite strain of marijuana and vaping oils are near the top of that list. Interestingly, there is still some debate about the best method of extracting these essential oils so we have outlined the process we believe to be the best below for your knowledge.

We have been fortunate enough to try many of the leading medicine grade marijuana oils on the market and we also experimented with a big batch of different pre-filled portable cartridges but found the same problem plagues most of them – an acrid aftertaste and unpleasant chemical odor, even when vaping many oils that claimed to be entirely organic. That lead us to do a lot of additional research until we finally found a product that maintains the original flavor of the flower and the original terpenes. This recent interview with Farrell of Homegrown Oils explains the process, the benefits and gives you some insight into the many reasons why Marijuana Oil is now poised to become even more popular than crude oil in many parts of the world:

WeedStore.Reviews: What Gives Homegrown Oil Its Taste and Texture?

Homegrown: Homegrown Oil uses only the highest quality organically grown flower. A lot of companies claim to be organic but since there is not an agency setting a standard of what that is it creates a grey area.  To us it’s a very simple bright line. The nutrients that go into the plant during growth and flowering as well as the products used to control pests and molds must be not only organic but also utilized only at particular phases of the cultivation. Our producers all share that self imposed standard.  The flavor of Homegrown Oils can be attributed to a great degree to the fully organic homegrown strains of marijuana we cultivate and collect.

WeedStore.Reviews: Is There Anything Unique About Your Oil Extraction Process?

Homegrown: There are other products using butane extraction, butane is the same chemical fuel you’ll find in most disposable lighters. We feel this is dangerous if done improperly, and even when done with the strictest standards it’s still introducing a known toxin into the process which can cause inconsistent dosages and widely variable results. Moreover, most people processing BHO do not do the more expensive testing required to determine the residual solvents and are content with “x parts per million” left in the oil, tested by methods that are not sensitive enough to really go beyond an estimate of those solvents. I was actually in line at Analytical 360 behind a BHO producer that refused to do the more expensive test due to cost. It made a major impression on me. How much medicine out there falls under this same lack of scrutiny, motivated by profit rather than health?

We consider any butane or pentane or any residual solvents like these to be unacceptable and unhealthful, especially in something being called “medicine”.   Then there are other products that use an “exclusion method” by “washing” and removing all but the almost clear pure THC oil. That can lead to very potent THC levels but it also becomes too selective, Not only that it tastes nasty and requires producers to add back non-cannabis derived terpenes. To me, this is akin to saying a “strawberry flavored” candy actually tastes like strawberry, which we all know couldn’t be farther from the truth. The natural cannabis terpenes not only account for the great taste and smell of cannabis but also play a major role in the overall effect of the plant, psycho-tropically and holistically in terms of mental and physical benefits.The growing body of research shows that the original terpenes are important to such factors as blood/brain barriers for transmission and aid in the psychoactive effects. Anyone that has ever tried marinol, a pure form of thc, knows it is not even pleasant. So the race for pure thc at the expense of washing the original terpenes out is not our goal. We want our medicine to stay as close to the original properties of the flower as possible and find that CO2 is the best path to that goal.

Our unique C02 Extraction method of processing the plant matter uses the exact same C02 that plants normally inhale, which also happens to be the exact same byproduct humans exhale with every healthy breath of air. This process maintains the natural THC and cannabinoid levels of the original plant and preserves their potency exactly the same way nature intended. Our product literally tastes like the great flavor you inhale before you light that joint… every time you inhale. It is simply amazing because it is literally the flower’s essence.

WeedStore.Reviews: Is There A Reason Homegrown Oils Are a Darker Color?

Homegrown: Yeah that’s actually a very important question. For whatever reason, people have been trained to think clear is cleaner than any other color. In fact, the opposite is true because after extraction, we do not use any chemical strippers to make the oil appear ‘clear’ in our packaging. Strippers like Alcohol, Butane, or Acetone do remove the natural color of the oil, but they leave behind a lot of unintended residue and make the end product taste like you just licked the industrial sludge off the floor at the local auto shop. Imagine if someone wanted to brew clear beer and put chemicals in it to get rid of its natural golden hue. Would that make the beer better?

We would much rather help to educate marijuana oil buyers about the process and continue to provide the cleanest, most natural and easiest to enjoy oils for medicinal or recreational use. The golden opacity of our oil means it is truly natural, only one step removed from flower itself, and the other plant material left behind by our C02 process is also part of why it continues to actually taste good, while feeling just as strong and protecting you from a slew of other harsh agents that do nothing more than make a beautiful golden color disappear. Our goal is not to make what I refer to as “weed crack” our objective is to only enhance the genius of what nature provides.

WeedStore.Reviews: What Else Should WeedStore.reviews Enthusiasts Know? 

Homegrown: While our oil isn’t exactly transparent, everything else about our company definitely is because we focus on building our brand and earning the trust of our repeat customers. You can see real test results on our website that are well documented and we abide by strict truth in packaging standards that go above and beyond anything currently required by law. There are other products angling to be “less expensive” by including a smaller amount of oil in cartridges, a lot like potato chip companies that sell half-empty bags of mostly air on supermarket shelves. We don’t engage in any of that nonsense. For us, the Homegrown brand is much too important because we see marijuana as a growing industry that needs to establish some serious companies with a long term view of what’s best for the industry – and that always starts with doing what’s best for our customers!

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