You probably think of Mexico more as the place where drugs come from, and less as the place to go and do them. Mexico’s stereotype of where big drug cartels get their supplies could fade away if the Mexican government legalizes marijuana. The supreme court of Mexico decided that it’s population does have the right to grow and sell weed, for personal use only. While they did in a sense legalize it in this way, they still haven’t taken away the old laws criminalizing this activity yet, so it’s not all set in stone. The issue has come up because the country of Mexico has given four defendants in a case the right to cultivate the green stuff! Because of this, they plan to take the entire issue of marijuana up at the next legislative session, and they could decide to just up and make it legal.

One reason why legalization is coming up for many countries is they are realizing that prohibition attitudes just do not work. All countries have to show for that attitude is overcrowded prisons and lots of people who have records for small crimes. Every country could take a cue from Portugal, which decriminalized all drugs in 2001, and thus lowered the percentage of it’s population who describes themselves as addicted to drugs, and drug induced deaths have plummeted. Their unique model is that when someone is caught with more than a ten day supply of any illicit substance, they will go to a 3 person meeting with a lawyer, doctor and social worker. They will then be prescribed treatment, or given a fine to pay, or even in some cases, nothing, making the stigma of drug use less painful, and less burdensome to tax payers who must fund users’ stays in prison!

Most countries could benefit from this model which is great for everyone in a society.

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