Keep It 100 Percent RealIf you’re looking for a positive weed experience, make sure you’re enjoying genuine marijuana and not the synthetic nonsense like K2 or Spice that are being passed off by some people as alternatives when they are actually an entirely different substance.

Spice (named after the sci-fi spice melange from the fantasy film Dune) is a synthetic substance that can be quite danger to those who take it. Earlier this year, the state of Alabama warned its inhabitants that more than 100 people had become sick from using the strange substance, which is made from a mix of herbs and spices that are somehow combined with harsh chemicals in a misguided attempt to mimic the sensations of smoking genuine organic reefer. The symptoms associated with Spice or other synthetic narcotics include anxiety attacks, seizures, hallucinations and paranoia. All of which do not occur in otherwise healthy people who have enjoyed actual marijuana responsibly.

With weed becoming legal in so many states, why would anyone settle for a substance that is likely to remain a toxic mess instead of purchasing marijuana from a properly regulated cannabis store? Well, for starters, the state of Alabama mentioned above has been slow to accept legalization of actual marijuana, and as history has taught us many times – attempts to withhold organic plants that may cause a mild high when consumed only leads to a set of people seeking other substances that generate an effect, even if they have far worse health profiles and present serious consequences for matters of public safety.

Stay away from synthetic drugs and harsh chemicals. If you want to consume marijuana, always make sure you are doing it legally and are abiding by all regulations of the jurisdiction where you are present. Choosing to ingest spice or any other nonsense because you were unable to find legal marijuana is no better than dating a wood chipper because you were having a hard time finding an actual girl.

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